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Watch how Ngilu’s lawyers were chased away from Kitui Assembly like stray dogs! Ngilu will go.

Ngilu facing impeachment soon.

Governor Charity Ngilu’s Lawyers were chased away from Kitui Assembly like stray dogs.

According to a video we have recved on our desk, three layers can be seen being ejected out if the assembly compound in an ugly disrespectful manner.

The Standard reported that the governor’s lawyers the morning of Monday had walked into the chambers with orders to stop impeachment exercise of the governor.

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Ngilu is facing impeachment from a section of county assembly MCAs who have vowed to make sure she is send packing.

She had moved to court on 24th to stop such a process of debating her removal on the floor today June 29th.

The terrifying motion was filed last week by the assembly majority leader and Athi Ward representative Peter Kilonzo.

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Among other things, the MCAs are accusing Ngilu, a first-time governor, of violating the constitution, the county government act, conflict of interest and abuse of office. Watch the drama-

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