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See what is happening to Dj Evolve. Its sad that Babu Owino is free!

City Disk Jokey DJ Felix Orida or Evolve is numb from his mid torso down.

City Disk Jokey DJ Felix Orinda or Evolve is numb from his mid torso down. NTV has exclusively reported.

The young Dj’s life was brought to a sudden standstill after Nairobi’s Embaksi East MP Babu Owino shot him while drinking hard in a club.

“Felix Orinda (DJ Evolve), who was shot by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, is numb from his mid-torso down,” NTV reported.

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Orinda is currently receiving treatment at home as he clutches onto hope that things may change and he will return to the DJ decks while, on the other hand, Babu Owino continues to enjoy freedom in politics.

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