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See the city lawyer who was with Jacob Juma few minutes before his ugly murder.

Miguna has linked Lawyer Ahamednasir Abdullahi to the murder.

Firebrand Lawyer Miguna Miguna has linked Lawyer Ahamednasir Abdullahi to the murder of businessman Jacob Juma.

On Saturday June 27th,  Miguna surfaced with the outburst on how Ahamednasir was part of those who were with the slain businessman Jacob Juma moments before his chilling murder.

According to the barrister, Ahmednasir had been in contact with the Business Tycoon before he(Juma’s) lifeless body was found on the road side in May 2016.

Miguna further blasted the senior counsel for failing to seek justice for the late Juma and instead went for DP William Ruto who was one of the main suspect in this murder.

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“On May 6, 2016. Jacob Juma was gunned down and murdered in cold blood only hours after he had met with Senior Cartel @ahmednasirlaw. Instead of going to court to seek justice for Jacob Juma, @ahmednasirlaw was hired by one of the main suspects, @WilliamsRuto,” Miguna tweeted.

Cornered by the general, the City lawyer confessed that actually he was with Juma but for different reasons.

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“LOWLIFE , when Jacob Juma came to my office few hours before he was killed I gave him 200k. For his burial I gave sh.1M , and paid one term fees for his kids…with your BIG MOUTH and UGLY head tell KENYANS what you did for Juma…even after he was killed? FLI Miguna,” The lawyer replied.

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