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A Man who found a whopping 1.8M Naira or sh 500K in a carton of Indomie returns to the shop. Pray for him.

Chidiebere confessed finding the amount in the box.

A Man who found a whopping 1.8M naira or sh 500,000 in a carton of Indomie he had bought has reportedly returned to the shop.

Pulse Ghana reported that the man by the name of Chidiebere confessed finding the amount in the box which he later realized did not just have the Indomie products but also the amount.

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He then rushed to return it to the shop saying he had to take it back since the money did not belong to him.

In return, the owner promised to be giving him free Indomie products for the next six months but netizens now think the man could not have returned his fortune since luck only comes once in anyone’s life.

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