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Ruto almost hospitalised after learning that the ‘Deep State’ rushed to register Jubilee Asili.

Jubilee Asili has been taken away from Deputy President.

Jubilee Asili has been taken away from Deputy President William Ruto after it emerged that someone else rushed to the registrar to reserve the name for registration.

A report by Daily Nation has unmasked intricate details of how supporters of DP Ruto would be dreaming if they are still hoping that Jubilee Asili will be their political party ahead of 2022.

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This is after it emerged that a mysterious man reportedly rushed to the Registrar of Political Parties to reserve the name Jubilee Asili.

The man identified as Andrew Simiyu, who is said to be a businessman with no interest in politics, applied for the reservation the following day after the DP met with ousted leaders of the Jubilee Party.

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Applying to reserve a name is the first legal step of registering a party and that only means no other person will register the party if someone has already booked the name.

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