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Raila to undergo risky brain surgery. Miguna lets the cat out of the bag!

Muguna now claims that Odinga is living on borrowed time.

Self-styled General Miguna Miguna has finally let the cat out of the bag by claiming how ODM boss Raila Odinga is now living on borrowed time following reports that he is to undergo a risky brain surgery.

This is coming when the whole country is having a lot of speculations over his state of health.

Today the family confirmed that Raila is in Dubai for a surgery. That he was admitted to a German Hospital in the United Arab Emirates for a minor operation.

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Dr. Miguna Miguna has, however, warned that brain surgery is not a minor illness advising Raila to recover and retire. In a tweet he says, “Conman Raila Odinga tried to lie to Kenyans that he had traveled to DRC to attend a conference. Anyone who lies about their illness and brain surgery is not fit to speak in public leave alone occupying public office. Raila Odinga, please recover and retire.”

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If Raila Odinga heeds to the advice of Miguna Miguna, then his supporters have a reason to panic.

“There’s no minor brain surgery. Accept the reality that Kenyans have stopped the corona coalition’s reggae.” added Mr. Miguna.

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