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Part 2 -city chefs on a night shift captured having steamy lungula. If this is your wife don’t commit suicide!

Part two of the video showing two hotel chefs exchanging fluids.

Part two of the video showing two hotel chefs exchanging fluids at a corridor has emerged and Kenyans are now calling for action.

It is clear that they did not observe hygiene while on duty and no one even knows if they cleaned their hands before resuming their kitchen duty.

Below is a screenshot of the video with the caption ‘Kutoka Leo chakula nitakula ya kujipikia’ (From today I will only be taking food that I have personally prepared).

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Some sections, however, symathised with the two saying even nurses on a night shift do the same while on duty.

“Nothing is wrong, doctors kiss so well especially night shifts, ama niaje Modestah Ronnie……. Si pia wao ni watu..,” a user reacted.

Another one said, “Moraa Suzzanne also commented “Woooi technician hamgewahurumia yaani aliwaanika hivi peupe?Lakini hawa na ni mbele ya CCTV? Anyway ishafanyika”.

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It is evident that the two never like using any protection.

This is the EROTIC VIDEO doing rounds-



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