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After sampling all the D*cks around the world, Akothee is now regretting leaving this humble man Jared. She is not different from Betty Kyalo.

Self-styled King of single mothers Akothee is now regretting.

Self-styled King of single mothers Akothee is now regretting leaving a man who had accommodated her with all her madness.

Taking to her social media with all the photos they took while still dating, Akothee mentioned how not all men she has slept with can understand her and that the only man who can do that is Jared whom she dumped for good city life with other Sugar Daddies.

“Jared hawa watu hawanielewi.” What translates to, apparently, no one else gets her the way that he(Jared) does.

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Akothee and Jared were legally married since they went through the entire marriage process as required by Luo customs.

The self-declared president of single mothers reminisced on her past relationship through a Facebook post in which she also said she was going back to him.

The post was accompanied by a throwback photo which she claimed was taken at the Awendo SDA Church in Nyanza.

She has made it known that even though she can be found twerking naked on social media, she was not picked up from Koinange Street.

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“We my friend, I was legally married in church, don’t find me twerking naked on shoshomidia and imagine I just emerged from the streets of koinange, But Daddy, why oversized
AWENDO SDA CHURCH” a section of the post reads.

The mother of five went on to say she was going back to her former lover and asked if their was anyone against it. She also implied that she was dumping her single mothers’ followers.

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“Mimi narudi kwa Jared wangu ,ma singo mothers mtajipanga,” she wrote.

Clearly, madam boss must have had a very concentrated chemistry with the man she doesn’t seem to forget a thing about.


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