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This is the reason we follow Raila like fools- Junet to Duale.

Tangatanga issued with one major advise.

Drama filled Suna East MP Junet Muhammed has issued one major advise to Tangatanga members.

Speaking shortly after Aden Duale was removed from office, the Odinga’s right hand man mentioned that he will continue being loyal to Mr. Odinga to avoid embarrassments like those facing Tangatanga members who had decided to chant their own way against the wishes of their party leader Uhuru Kenyatta.

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“As for Duale, when you see us following Baba like cows, it is because we fear the consequences like what you are facing today,” he said.

“So politics is like that mkubwa.”

“If you go against the wishes of people who own parties and lead this country,.. these are the consequences.”

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He went ahead to state that Duale and friends are themselves to blame for not respecting the owner of the party.

“… it is a good experience for me. Now I will be more loyal than I am now. I will sing baba throughout,” he said.

A number of DP Ruto allies have since been targeted in the ongoing ruthless purge that has left behind many casualties

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