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“Get some brains around you,” Ruto told by Odinga’s aide.

The DP arrived on the high table with Raila Odinga as his sole purpose and target.

Raila Odinga’s top aide Dennis Onyango has returned to lecture DP William Ruto on what made him fall out with the president.

Dennis Onyango with Odinga.

Onyango took a sharp tirade against Ruto pointing out how the second in command wanted to make sure Odinga’s name disappears from political arena forever.

Venting on Tuesday, Onyango mentioned that whatever Ruto was facing today was as a result of lack of manners throughout his leadership with his only agenda being to fund and fuel war and hatred against Odinga

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“The DP arrived on the high table with Raila Odinga as his sole purpose and target.”

“It has only landed the DP in the quagmire he is in now.”

“Why he keeps funding and believing in the same strategy baffles me.”

“Unless this hole was always his end game,” he stated.

He went on to say that the strategy to malign Odinga so as to remain in power had failed terribly and may not help anytime in future.

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He further faulted Ruto’s allies for constantly attacking his boss without substance, noting that fanatism in politics was coming to a sudden stop.

“Deputy President, you are going down.”

“You are not the first to walk that path.”

“There is room to go down with dignity and return to glory later.”

“Get some brains around you.”

“Insults, hacking, faking are what has driven you to this ditch.”

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“Get some brains around you,” the spokesperson advised.

The aide also said that whatever problems Sirisia MP John Waluke and ousted Governor Waititu were going through was as a result of their links with Ruto.

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