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Video showing what Uhuru told reporters about his plan on Ruto. Ruto was present when Uhuru said this.

Purge in Jubilee party entered its last lap today.

Purge in Jubilee party entered its last lap as Majority leader Aden Duale who was the only Ruto’s man remaining was finally ejected out.

On Monday June 22, Uhuru led the 30 minutes activity that finally saw the last man standing in Jubilee removed and in his place taken by Kipipiri MP Amos Kimunya.

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In a video that showed the last minute happenings at KICC after the unceremonious ouster of Mr. Duale, the Head of State is seen dashing for his motorcade when he is stopped by journalists who are eager to hear from him.

“We want people to live in peace and unity.”

“We shall soon reveal our plans,” he hesitantly greets the reporters with a scanty address hat forces one of the reporters to ask for a sneak preview of his future plans.

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“Stop being cunning,” Uhuru responded in jest.

This was happening in full view of his embattled deputy who, despite all the heat, continued to put on his characteristic brave face.



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