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Ruto badly humiliated again after title of his office was changed to a mere departmnet. See the photos!

Ruto's office is now a mere department.

Deputy President William Ruto’s woes have piled double and now overflowing after the government decided to slash his powers down to none.

According to the recent Presidential directives issued by Mr. Kenyatta, Ruto will now have to serve under the Public service office and will have to ask for permission from Mr. Joseph Kinyua.

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Just days after the new orders were issued, there is a trending topic – wordings on his Harambee Annexe office were also changed to a mere department of President from Office the Deputy President.

“The famous Harambee house Annex…From the office of the Deputy President to the Office of the President Department of the Deputy President…No powers to hire staffs,no budget at all…,” Francis Mweteri posted on Facebook.

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Adding that the 48 laws of power says, ‘Never try to outshine your boss… Never ever…The boss is always right’.

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