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Mess on Facebook after this lady confessed what she wanted to do with his man after lockdown. Uhuru has broken her plan.

Horny lady wanted to mess his boy till dawn.

There is a trending post on a Facebook Group Kilimani Mums from a desperate lady by the name Gasherry Bendito who has been heartbroken by the president’s extension of lockdown.

The sexually starved lady was praying hard that lockdown is lifted so that his man who is locked in Mombasa can come for an explosive adventure.

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“Pale kwa mlango nikiinama kuvaa viatu bae ako nyuma yangu niguzishe ass mjulus ambao tena afugue zip then aniinue tu kadress wadau iii ndio umuhimu ya kutovaa pantie,”

She narrated in detail how she is set to receive the man from Mombasa and tear apart her trouser for that escapade that will compensate the three month she has missed it.  See what she posted.

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