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This is why Uhuru and Raila visited City CBD at night.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his ally Raila Odinga drover through the streets of Nairobi CBD.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his ally Raila Odinga drover through the streets of Nairobi CBD to Kenyatta Avenue for an aim that remains obscure though insiders have indicated that Uhuru wants to facelift Kenyatta Avenue which is named after his father.

A CCTV footage received by Dundapost.co.ke early of Tuesday June 2nd shows the president driving and then making a sudden stop along the Avenue which is named before his father. He then disembarks from the Probox Car. Afew seconds, Hon Raila Odinga is also seen opening the car’s door and joining the president and together they start inspecting something around the Avenue.

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There could be a possibility also that one of the streets in Nairobi could be named after Raila’s father Odinga Oginga as a tribute to him.

During the night tour, Mr. Kenyatta was putting on a white shirt while Odinga could be seen wearing his signature a half jacket and face-mask too.

Behind them is another trailing car seemingly made of a few bodyguards before a heavily and scaring armed recce squad officer joins and roams randomly from the side.

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