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Fireworks as Murkomen unloads wrath on James Orengo. No respect anymore!

There was fireworks in the Senate.

There was fireworks in the Senate after Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen tried to engage in an ugly verbal exchange with Senator James Orengo over Deputy Speaker’s ouster.

Kithure Kindiki.

Murkomen appeared to pick a fight with Orengo over Kithure Kindiki’s removal from the plum post.

Though he was heckled as he tried to take on Mr. Orengo, Murkomn demanded that the mover of the motion who is the Majority Chief Whip Irungu Kang’ata to explain why the motion was important and in what circumstances.

“It is deplorable that the human rights activists of yesterday are behind this today. This house cannot continue calling itself an upper house and continue running manners in a kangaroo way.,” Murkomen lamented.

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As the embattled Murkomen made his submission, Mr. Orengo led the heckling team on appoint of order saying the motion cannot be a trial as Murkomen tried to insinuate.

“A motion to remove the Deputy Speaker is not a trial, no lawyers are required here. This is simply a matter of removing him. Who is Murkomen to argue a case here?  He cannot continue calling us a kangaroo house. Has he ever argued a case in Supreme Court? Let him mention one,” Orengo, Minority Leader argued.

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Immediately, Murkomen jumped into the defense with an argument that there was nothing special with Mr. Orengo and that he was even better than him in many aspects.

“Orengo and I went to the same University. Even if it is a difference of 20 years. I got a second upper, he got a second lower. I have two Masters he has none. Who is he to question my education?” Murkomen lashed back sparking an uproar.

The mover of the motion Irungu Kang’ata rose and said the removal of Kithure was informed by express orders from his Party top brass.

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Recently Murkomen was removed alongside Susan Kihika and in their place new faces introduced in a purge that is meant to replace DP Ruto’s allies with Uhuru Kenyatta’s loyal supporters.

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