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A powerful man in Uhuru’s Government wanted to blow his chopper. No wonder Jubilee house will never have peace.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta would be dead by today

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta would be dead by today if it was not the intervention of Opposition Chief Raila Odinga after a tip of from Ugandan Internal Security Organisation ISO.

In what would appear like a script straight from Holly Wood movie, African Confidential reported how Uganda’s Security Agency foiled a plan to kill President Uhuru Kenyatta enroute Nairobi from Kisumu.

That the plan was to use a lone suicide bomber who had already accessed Jomo Kenyatta International Airport JKIA to blow  Kenyatta’s chopper on January 23rd 2019 when he was headed to Eritrea.

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The story accounts that on January 17th 2019 the assassin also had wind the Head of State would be attending a Kisumu burial of Bruce Odhimbo -his school mate at St. Merys in Niaropbi- and was ready to hit and kill Kenyatta then blame it on Raila Odinga. That this was the most opportune time for this to happen.

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The said assailant traveled to Kisumu for the same burial but luckily a Ugandan ISO agent got wind of this and approached ODM Party leader Raila Odinga’s bodyguards and told him about it.

Uhuru had to delay the travel for hours at Kisumu Airport as bomb experts thoroughly combed through the area.

The assassin was not found but ISO sources said he was a Lebanese national who had allegedly been contracted by Deputy President to carry out the assassination of the Son of Jomo.

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That he was tasked by a powerful State official to do the job when they met in Sudan .

Here is a screen grab from Africa Confidential-

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