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Watch a slay queen squeeze Jalang’o Boys Club member to the last drop. Jalang’o will never be forgiven!

Sex on the loose as a woman rides Boys club member like a Tuk tuk.

Besieged Radio Comedian Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o is still the trending topic in the country after he was exposed as running a popular city sex WhatsApp group dubbed the Boys Club.

In the group, Jalang’o and fellow randy boys fuck up with women and eventually discuss them in the group with no shame.

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That with the help of loaded Jalang’o, they have rented apartments in the leafy suburb in the city’s Kilimani area where they randomly sample assorted size slay queens and fresh college students every day in the name of shooting video for Jalang’os YouTube episodes.

Dundapost.co.ke has just landed on an explicit video that involves one of the boys from the WhatsApp group. A woman can be seen riding on top of the beaded guy who is pretty resting on a bed in the apartment.

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The video can be found on XVIDEOS. Alternatively watch it HERE

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