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Shock as Lawyer Ahmednasir incites Ruto against Uhuru on live Tv.

Ruto to continue fighting with his boss Uhuru Kenyatta.

Renowned city lawyer Abdullahi Ahmedanasir has challenged Deputy President William Ruto to continue fighting with his boss Uhuru Kenyatta until next year.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto.

Speaking during an interview yesterday Thursday May 21st, the lawyer told DP Ruto to remain focused inside the government because it is only seven month left before next campaigns kicks off.

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That Ruto had already shown restraint from giving up with the fight during this first phase and can therefore remain unmoved until early 2021.

“If he walks away, he walks into oblivion.”

“If he asked for my advice, I would tell him that all he has to do is manage the crisis up to December 2020.”

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“I think he has done well to survive in the first three months since Coronavirus broke out (in March 2020).”

According to the Lawyer, from January the country will start a new campaign chapter and everyone will be for himself.

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