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Former Bomet County female official caught in hotel room with Ben 10.

Florence Taiwa is allegedly sleeping with young men and pays them.

Reports reaching Dundapost Gossip desk has it that former Bomet County Executive Florence Taiwa is allegedly sleeping with young men and in exchange gives them money.

It is further revealed that she has been secretly sneaking young men into city hotels using her fat wallet.

Florence who was quite an influential figure during Isaac Rutos tenure, was discovered by his husband who finally confirmed her randy manners.

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The husband reportedly stumbled on the a steamy video and raunchy photos showing his wife with a Ben 10 busy on the bed in   a Hotel in Upper Hill Nairobi.

Sources claimed that she has been running a lucrative tender company which secures multimillion tenders from Bomet County and then uses the money to spoil young men on both alcohol and good life. She is also lucky that she gets tenders from the Kenya Rural Authority KeRRA and Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA).

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Look at the following screen grabs having sex with Ben 10.

Florence Taiwa with Ben 10 in hotel room[Photos/Sources].

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