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What killed Wetang’ula younger brother? See fumigation going on and guess!

Questions are being raised as to what exactly led to the death.

Questions are being raised as to what exactly led to the death of Mosses Wetang’ula’s younger brother Tony Waswa Wetang’ula.

The Wetang’ula brother who also doubled up as Tim Wanyonyi ‘s aide in Westland Constituency passed on while undergoing treatment at the Agha Khan Hospital in Nairobi

“He is one of my younger brothers and he has been working with my brother Tim, helping him. Tim is working with disability and you need somebody close to you to help you navigate through life so Tony has been working with Tim all these years and he has been part of his life,” Wetang’ula said.

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Pictures which Dndapost.co.ke has received shows a sorry state of affairs as medics struggle to fumigate both the coffin and the body of the late Wetang’ulas brother an indication that he could have died of Coronavirus.

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