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Watch how Jalang’o WhatsApp group members punish ladies in the name of s*x. God will never forgive Jalang’o!

A raunchy video leakage...

A raunchy video leakage of Jalang’o crew member in the highly blamed WhatsApp group has emerged online showing how they have been mistreating ladies just because they can give them small cash.

In the video, a lady can be seen tasked with sacking dry one of the randy boys club mjulus with a lot of reckless abandon as if her life depended on it.

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It is believed that they lure ladies for sex escapades through their popular Instagram and in return give them some little upkeep cash. They have gone as far as renting a home for their sex orgies.

Sources revealed to us that during the sex time, the ladies are treated to alcohol and are given some sh 4000 to go back home until when they will be called back by thirsty Jalang’o men.

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God will never forgive this Milele FM presenter.

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