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Thirsty female medic who traveled from Nairobi to Nakuru to meet boyfriend despite ban nabbed and quarantined.

She wanted to go provide man with 'essential services'

A medic who traveled from Nairobi to Nakuru town to provide essential services to his man in the town has been nabbed alongside his boyfriend for quarantine.

The Medic[Photo/Courtesy].
The two will be serving the 21 days forced isolation for breaking rules and regulation this Covid-19 period where travelling has been banned.

President Uhuru Kenyatta banned traveling from one city to another citing increased cases of Coronavirus in country.

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Citizen Tv reported the incident on how the medic wanted to spend a night with his man living in Nairobi but on arrival residents at Shabaab raised an alarm of the stranger in their area.

Nakuru residents said the case is now the third one in just one week.


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