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Hamptons Hospital can now handle Coronavirus cases.

Level of preparedness at the Kakamega based facility hits top.

The National Covid-19 Task Force has successfully concluded training of staff at Mwale Medical City’s Hamptons Hospital in Kakamega County.

The exercise took place at the Center for Trauma and Critical Care CTCC of the Emergency Medicine Department at Hamptons.

As one of the largest in the country, Hampton Hospital Covid-19 center has enough isolation wards in its Northern Campus and the Intensive Care Unit ICU in the Infirmary of the Southern campus.

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According to the Project Ambassador Parkin Munzala, the center will be performing tests when authorized by the task force. It will also monitor patients’ progress and then provide comprehensive critical care treatment. All this will be made possible by the rotational 4 hour shift among the fully trained staff members.

The plan to start attending to Covid-19 patients was informed by the current situation in the country where not many facilities can attend to such patients. It will however go back to its initial role after the pandemic period.

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“This doesn’t mean that other patients will not be attended to during this pandemic,” Munzala assured.

In its South Campus, other inpatient and outpatient services are going on uninterrupted located 300 meters from the isolation wards.

In the training and orientation it was revealed that Gender Based Violence GBV increased in the last one month after government issued directives to control free movements to combat the pandemic.

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The trainees were therefore taught how to provide psychological support to victims and create safe spaces for women and girls vulnerable to sexual, economic and physical violence.

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