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See what the State wants to do with Corona positive persons. You wont believe this.

Government planning to set free Coronavirus positive cases.

The government could be planning to release several Covid-19 cases back to their homes.

Fresh reports from the ministry indicates that the State is exploring ways on how the positive cases can be taken care of while at their homes.

Addressing the press on Wednesday April 8th, Health PS Mercy Mwangi made the disclosure saying such a possibility was on their table but after a criteria of doing that is looked into by considering only those with mild symptoms who can receive health care from the comfort of their houses

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Such cases would therefore be monitored by specialised health caregivers in their homes on frequent basis according to the statement from the ministry.

“What, however, we are doing as we extend quarantine in different facilities is we are reviewing, we do have set criteria where our field medical team is employing an assessment tool to be able to determine which centres were able to adhere to the quarantine measures. With regards to discharge from isolation, as we roll out out mass testing and intervention, it is likely that we may find many more Kenyans in the country who test positive and because our strained capacity in putting all these Kenyans in one place,” stated Mwangangi.

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Mwangangi also added that this will be made effective through their hotline and well developed support structures .

“One of the measures that we are looking within the coming weeks would be a home-based healthcare protocol for mild cases. We actually advocate for home-based care.

By Wednesday April 7th, Coronavirus positive cases had risen to 179.

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