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Bodies of Boko Haram fighters left scattered on the ground. Chad president ordered them crashed!

Chad retaliates against Boko Haram killing several.

Chad President Idris Deby Itno.

In a chilling attack that has left hundreds of Boko Haram fighters dead on the ground, Nigerian leadership has been left with a mark on their face over why they have never done this despite the militia having headquarters in their country.

The attack was led by no nonsense Chad President Iddris Deby in what was referred to as a retaliation over a bloody March 23 ambush that saw over 97 Chad soldiers killed by the militia.

Deby, in his speech, described the attack as the worst ever on the countries defense forces vowing to make sure Boko Haram is crushed around the Lake Chad region. He said he was ready to suspend every activity in the country for the sake of protecting his countries territory never to be attacked by the coward outsiders again.

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And yesterday, he made good his threats and with the support from Israel Army mapped the territory before reducing the militia into mere ashes.

He also ordered his soldiers to destroy all marked Boko Haram bases. Boko first launched its operation base in Nigeria before spreading its wings into neighbouring Cameroon, Chad and Niger states.

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In the killing, many Boko Haram members lost lives and those leaders hiding under bunkers flushed out and killed on the spot.

Confirming the killing, Private Military Contractor Don Klericuzio shared a graphic video clip showing how many Boko Harams were killed in the military opesrtiaon christened Wrath of Bohama.

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