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Two thirsty women sexually harass a Maasai man who visited their office[Hot tape].

Two women sexually harass a Maasai man who visited their office

As Coronavirus continues to cause havoc across the globe and most people forced to remain indoors, women seem to be the most hit this time.

A video has surfaced online showing two mature women busy caressing a Maasai man pe*is as he tries top run away without much success.

The horny women cna be seen enjoying the moment and asking the Maasai man to release if he wanted to be left free.

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“Sasa wewe unakojoa lisaa lizima?  One woman asked the old man

To make the matters worse, this was happening in an office which our source is yet to be disclosed to us.

Kenyans are still wondering if this would have happened to a woman what would be the situation right now.

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This is happening just a day after popular Citizen Tv news anchor Yvonne Okwaro attacked the boy child for socially cyber bullying the Covid-19 recovered case Brenda Cherotich.

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