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Meet Judy Anyango flaunting her acres of flesh on social media to earn a living!

Judy Anyango making a living from her flesh business.

Have you ever heard of a Luo lady going by the name Judy Anyango. Today brings you her exclusive photos.

With her enormous flesh, the lady from the Lakeside has been able to trap loaded men both from the city and abroad who are now funding her high end life.

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Any randy man who by accident turns to look at her acres of derriere is immediately thrown into total confusion.

Though it is obvious that she is an averagely looking lass, her bottom size has made it possible for her to live the life she wants in the city. She recklessly flaunts it in public with one aim, to cause confusion.

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She now can afford to live a socialite life joining the heavy weight club of aging women like Vera Sidika and Huddah Munroh.

Don’t judge her by her face but look at this gigantic backside of this Luo lady-

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