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Citizen’s Sherlyne Onyango caught trapping men with hot belly dance on Instagram.

Citizen's Sherlyne Onyango caught trapping men again!

A common social media face from Royal Media Services Sherlyne Onyango has released another video behaving badly.

The naughty lass who works in the production department has again left men panting like dogs on heat with her hot mouthwatering video in which she is gyrating her sexy hips as if she is on top of someone or something.

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The curvy Onyango a socialite behind the scenes is not only shying away from this controversy but also ready to belly dance on social media with reckless abandon.

Many now think she might be preparing herself for life away from the media very soon

She woke up in the middle f the night due to restlessness and went on recording this video on her Instagram page attracting so many likes. watch this madness-

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