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Recovered Brenda walked to Mbagathi isolation center alone.

Young Brenda who walked to Bangathi after feeling strange.

Brenda in Nairobi[Photos.courtesy].
President Uhuru Kenyatta and Brenda Cherotich, the first young survivor of Coronavirus held a lengthy talk on Wednesday April 1st.

In their video chat over the phone, Brenda told Mr. Kenyatta that this disease was manageable and treated despite being highly contagious.

Brenda however cautioned citizens against carelessness but as well reminded everyone that this was not a death sentence.

“Incase of any sign, contact the authorities and come forward and be confident,” she said.

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“I went to the US in December and took a flight to London. I believe that was maybe where I contracted the virus.”

She divulged how she volunteered to walk to Mbagathi Isolation Center after she had returned in the country from the USA.

“When I landed (in Kenya) I had a cough for three days. I monitored my body for a day and went to Mbagathi Hospital the following day,” she said.

“The medics took me seriously and gave me a mask. I have been quarantined for 23 days, I was treated well”.

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Brenda being the first patient to fully recover from the virus alongside Brian Orinda, a total of 59 patients in the country have since been confirmed positive by the ministry of Health. See her conversation with Mr. Kenyatta.

Brenda: I have been in quarantine for 23 days. I thank the nurses for taking care of me very well. I assure all Kenyans that COVID-19 is manageable and treatable.

President Uhuru Kenyatta: She is no longer number one. Her name is Brenda. Thank you, Brenda, for saving a number of lives. Well done.

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