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Fierce exchange on Facebook as two women go to each other ‘fangs and tongs’. They are sharing a man!

They are sharing a man!

There was a lengthy standstill moment on social media after two women went fangs and tongs on each other when they realised they have been sharing a man.

After landing on an evidence that a certain Kibera lady was sleeping with her husband at a fee of sh 1500, the aggrieved wife decided to explode on a popular Facebook page so as to expose her rival.

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She managed to find evidence through her husband’s mobile phone which had photos of him getting cozy with the slum woman Anna who is a professional home wrecker.

“You think having an ass means that you made it in life? Useless Malaya. Men who want to fuck visit Anna,” she exploded

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During their hot confrontation, the slum husband snatcher bragged sleeping with the man at a small fee of sh 1500.

It was at that particular point that all hell broke loose with the wife to the man revealing the true identity of the randy slum dweller by even posting her number on social media. Look at this-

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