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See the only country with zero case of Coronavirus, God is good!

Zero case in Burundi!

Only one country in the whole world has not been touched by Coronavirus. God is good!

The virus which started in China and has been spreading like bushfire has, interestingly, left only one African country safe.

It emerged that since it was discovered, the virus has not touched anyone in Burundi. It remains the only African country with zero case of the virus.

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When the country’s minister of Health was asked why there is no case in their country, he only gave one straight answer, “We don’t have testing kits and therefore we don’t take chances too,” he answered in a very short sentence.

From Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Morroco, Ethiopia, Tanzania etc have all recorded massive cases of Coronavirus victims.

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Burundi which borders Rwanda(with several cases as of now) took immediate drastic actions by ordering an immediate shutdown of its borders with no activities in their main international airports. All aircrafts which were enroute Burundi were ordered back to where they had come from.

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