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“Ulikuwa unanitumia kama toilet paper kwa nini?” Governor Lonyangapuo in trouble again!

"Ulikuwa unanitumia kama toilet paper kwa nini?"

Governor John Lonyangapuo who is also a professor of Mathematics has finally been exposed as a leader who sleeps with peoples wives in West Pokot.

The professor who has been exchanging hot fluids with peoples’ wives in the area, has found himself between a rock and hard place after a woman he has been bonking every evening, exposed his dirty behavior behind the scenes.

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“I got a screenshot from a friend of mine ukiwa umenianika kwa group moja ya FB why do so?” the governor complained.

The woman immediately answered back asking the governor why he had to use her like a toilet paper and then dump her.

“Gafana wewe ni shetani sana ulikuwa unanitumia kama toilet paper nakuanika ushangae,” the woman threatened.

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Poor Lonyangapuo immediately reminded her of the sh 500K he had given her since they started smashing.

And then all hell broke loose when the lady also asked for her p**sy back which the governor has been feasting on every evening before going back home for his wife .

This hot conversation has left many Kenyans wondering why someone who went to school well can afford to send texts to a woman he is not married to without thinking of the repercussions.

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