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Germany Minister hangs self due to Coronavirus.

Finance minister found dead.

Hesse State Finance Minister the late Thomas Schaefer[Photos/Courtesy].
Finance Minister from Germany Hesse State has reportedly committed suicide due to Coronavirus monster in their country.

Dundapost.co.ke has since learnt that the minister apparently became so deeply worried over the Coronavirus threat which had become too much in his area. It is reported that the main reason for him taking away his own life was informed by the tough and economic fallout created by the Coronavirus monster.

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State Premier Volker Bouffier while addressing on Sunday March 29th said, Thomas Schaefer 54 was discovered dead near a railway track last Saturday March 28th in what was believed to have a suicidal move.

“We are in shock, we are in disbelief and above all we are immensely sad,” Mr. Bouffier said in a recorded statement seen by Hotkenyan.co.ke.

The State Hesse hosts most Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt where major lenders like Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank are headquartered. Also The European Central Bank is found in the area.

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That the diseased, according to Bouffier had been working allthrough day and night to help companies and workers deal with the economic impact created by Coronavirus pandemic.

“Today we have to assume that he was deeply worried,” said Bouffier. It’s precisely during this difficult time that we would have needed someone like him,” he added.

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Schaefer who has been working at the finance ministry for 10 years was recently touted as the possible successor of Bouffier.

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