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Kenyans challenge DP Ruto to offer Weston Hotel for quarantine victims.

A section of Kenyans have heavily landed on the DP with hammer and tongs!

A section of Kenyans have heavily landed with hammer and tongs on Deputy President William Ruto over the Coved-19 virus in the country.

On Wednesday March 25th, twitter was on fire with like-minded Kenyans asking where their DP had gone despite his philanthropic nature of going round the country every weekend in the name of supporting churches.

The hashtag Weston was the new sheriff in town as they requested Dr. Ruto to urgently come out and offer Weston Hotel to members of the public who are suffering in cold quarantine.

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Those who recently arrived in the country and forcefully quarantined have been lamenting over the poor state of their living standards citing lack of funding and basics.

“The Kenyan chief philanthropist who claims to have Kenyans’ interest at heart has been donating millions and millions to churches every Sunday. Lately, haven’t seen him donate anything for the fight against Covid-19 or even offer,” Wayne Brian commented.

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“Still waiting for a reply from the Weston owner to give out his hotel for free as a quarantine center for the Covid-19 victims,” Philip Otieno weighed in.

“Kenyans have been calling Ruto all manner of names when he gives donations in the country. They now want him to donate. Are you sure you’re not going to say he stole that money when Corona is finally over?” another questioned.

Ruto’s Weston Hotel is very close to Mbagathi Hospital where patients testing Coronavirus positive have been kept since the pandemic hit the country.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has since announced a pay cut for top  state officers in the country with.

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