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“No man treats you better than a man who hasn’t slept with u yet,” a woman cries.

Ladies complain of men sleeping with them.

A naughty lady going by a social moniker of Dr. Toolz has elicited reactions from social media users after revealing her experience with men.

Toolz took to her Twitter account to lament on how men behave after they finally manage to strip a lady naked.

According to her experience with men, once a man manages to strip a hot lady naked and have an access to her honey jar, the respect is gone.

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She has cautioned ladies that sleeping with a man you want to hold for sometime will make things worse.

“No man treats u better than a man who hasn’t slept with u yet,” – She wrote.

Fellow women who weighed in said that was a true observation and that it has made them to try play hard to get so as to have what they want.

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Some said even if they have to give the nunu, then they do it with some selfishness just to make the day go.

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