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“You are lying about Corona figures,” shock as blogger Alai opens his mouth just a day after his arrest.

I will call out the rogue state when it goes wrong!

Blogger Robert Alai(left).

Blogger Robert Alai has send another disturbing message to the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation DCI in regard to his continued arrest over Corona debate.

After he was summoned last Friday for posting wrong information on the current Covid-19 crisis in the country, the blogger on Sunday March 22 told the DCI he is not stopping any soon. He has maintained that the truth will always be discussed in the public despite the gagging efforts from the state.

He said the right to freedom will not be stopped by anyone as long as Kenyans feel they have some truth to tell to the world. He emphasised that he will continue leading the voiceless Kenyans in calling out the state when it turns rogue.

“So? You can have all the laws you want. You will NEVER stop Kenyans from calling out the govt when it blurts out lies. The Corona figures in KE are fake. You know that. You can’t force Kenyans to have one view point. Have you ever charged Uhuru for mousing our money? @ODPP_KE,” wrote Alai.

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He reduced DCI boss George Kinoti into a mere actor when the government fears the truth.

“We are so determined to ensure that absolute honesty reigns in this govt. freedoms of expression and information are not gifts from @DCI_Kenya. These are constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. When the govt fears the truth and DCI boss turns into a movie actor, you know that we will call you out whether you kithni or ndekni Did you ever charge Uhuru Kenyatta with misuse of computers when he used Cambridge Analytica to blurt our lies for his re-election.

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“Honesty is key here and no number of assassinations, arrests, intimidations and threats will stop Kenyans from demanding that you be honest. You MUST be honest. We are not begging you. We are,”

The controversy ridden blogger has since challenged the DCI to do his job with full honesty for him to be taken serious by the poor Kenyans most of whom feel to have been the most targeted people as the big fish walk scot-free despite being charged with various multimillion scandals and murder cases.

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