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Theft of Public money triggers major reshuffles at the Treasury. See what Uhuru has just done.

Theft of Public money triggers major reshuffles at the Treasury.

The Treasury.

High end corruption at the Ministry of Finance has triggered major changes at the treasury. Details have emerged.

President Uhuru Kenyatta made the major reshuffles, according to Daily Nation of March 22, where 30 senior finance officials felt the heat.

The changes were announced by Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua who issued an internal memo.

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“The following postings have been agreed upon and should be effected immediately. The concerned ministries/departments are required to confirm to this office on release and reporting to the new work stations affected officers,” read an excerpt.

Further reports reaching our shows that the senior officials at the exchequer were not hired through the required channel (Public Service Commission).

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That the only position which was filled using proper channels was that held by the current Director General Public Debt Management where Mr. Harrison Sirma served in the capacity of Deputy Director of Debt Management.

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