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Randy couple busted misbehaving at the Gulf Coast. Waheshimiwa were not happy![Video].

Couple busted misbehaving at The Golf Coast.

It was pandemonium at the Gulf Coast after two young randy lovers went overbroad and stripped naked oblivious of what might happen.

Taken away by the good environment at the Gulf field and feeling horny, they went on a love making mission, as one event led to another and before they knew it, they were naked and exchanging hot liquid.

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However, all hell broke loose when other gulf visitors among them top ranking dignitaries emerged from the blues forcing the two to scamper for their safety with the petite lady being the first to run naked into a nearby bush.

According to the video which received on its busy desk on Friday March 13th, the sexually starved couple were already in the middle of the action when they were busted and the interference must have led the man to suffer greatly as he could be seen limping away in pain meaning he was just about to complete first round. Look at this madness-

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