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Madness and confusion as a Citizen Tv female staff twerks crazy on social media.

Twerking like a crazy woman in a club. Is she upto something?

Kenyans are heavily divided over the work this female Citizen Tv producer is upto away from her usual 8-5 production job. went through her Instagram social page and Sharlene Anyango has filled it with brief, naughty erotic videos that leaves behind many unanswered questions.

She could be involved in flesh peddling business as her side hustle since the steamy dance styles she uploads online leaves nothing to imagination. You might be confused to think she is twerking on dancefloor in a city club.

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From the videos, just like other socialites do, it is clear that she lays online trap for loaded men to admire her dirty twerks. Look at this madness-

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