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Tharaka Nithi locals protest sh 500 BBI money.

Tharaka Nithi locals protest sh 500 BBI offer.

A section of residents from Tharaka Nithi were captured on tape protesting against the BBI organisers for giving them only sh 500 to attend Meru BBI edition on Saturday Feb 29th.

One of the residents who appeared dejected shocked onlookers when he protested in camera for having been offered only sh 500 to attend the Meru rally.

He loudly lamented in Swahili how the cash was too little to cater for his needs as an adults.

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 “Tumenyanyaswa Kabisa. Shilling mia tano si ya kulipa mwananchi kutoka Chuka hadi tunashindwa tumekuja kufanya nini Meru (This is unjust. Just Sh500 is not enough to pay people who came all the way from Chuka to Meru. We don’t even know why we came),” one of them was heard saying.

Another one was heard saying how demeaning the BBI organisers were on them by giving them money that could not afford even pocket money for a primary school pupil.

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They could be seen brandishing the sh 500 notes saying they would prefer instead to go back to their work places.

“No way – let us go back to our hustle…” another said.

This happened as another local divulged how they had been promised sh 3000 each and not the sh 500 they were given.

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What they did not make clear, however, was if the money was meant to cater for their fare or was it pocket money.

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