See what Rapper Collo used to do in private. This is a bad sin!

See what Rapper Collo used to in private.

Rapper Collins Majale’s dirty past has been exposed.

While attending on an interview with RadioMaisha, Majale aka Collo mentioned that he used to be drained by porn-watching which even drove him to masturbation.

“Porn inakumess up unaacha kuangalia madem kama madem unawaangalia kama objects.”

“Na unajua anytime unajerk off ukimwaga hiyo design unagive birth to spiritual babies inakublock from kuget kids ile siku unataka kupata mtoi unashangaa mbona siget mtoi,” Collo said.

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The one-third of the popular all boys group Kleptomaniax advised boys never to engage into the sin which he says he managed to pull out only through salvation.

“Masturbation is horrible, pornography is horrible, siezi wish anyone akuwe in any kind of bondage,” he added.

He is currently doing gospel rap music.

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