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This is the old white man Gladys Shollei has picked from the beach to service her after bitter divorce.

She parted ways with Sam Shollei recently.

Finally after officially partying ways with husband Sam Shollei, Uasin Gishu Woman Rep Gladys Shollei has a white old man.

Randy Gladys and husband bitterly divorced on cheating claims from both ends what left them irreparably revenging on each other.

Sam who was eloping with his junior at Standard Group, filed a divorce case against Gladys which he won and immediately made official his new catch half his age Faith Rono.

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Sam was working as the CEO at giant media house Standard Group when he started dating Faith who was then a new correspondent.

In a show that she has moved on to a new man, DundaPost can authoritatively state that Gladys is currently having a thing with a 60 something white man.

See the photos-

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