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Ruto now claims some individuals want him back to ICC.

Ruto now claims some individuals want him back to the ICC.

Deputy President William Ruto has mentioned a group of people opposed to his 2022 ambitions who are hellbent on making sure he returns to the ICC

He intimated having a clue that there are people who are busy shuttling to the Hague and back in their quest to make sure his case comes back to haunt him.

While on an NTV’s interview with Ken Mijungu last Thursday Jan 22nd, the second in command further accused those fighting him of reviving already prosecuted land cases to portray him as a corrupt man.

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And, without mentioning names, the DP referred to them as cabals in the authorities and some outside who have gone back digging deep into history so as to stop his presidential bid.

“Just like last time, there are cabals cooking things everywhere but I want to tell you, on this one, again it will a spectacular failure,” he warned.

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The DP was reacting to Ken Mijungu’s question on the recent reports that the office of the DCI had threatened to make sure DP Ruto’s land cases which were not well prosecuted are revisited. Visit the Video/Courtesy-

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