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A Kenyan innocently looking marketing executive caught selling nudes online. She is a s*x peddler!

Exposed executive selling nudes!

A Kenyan city lady by the name of Brenda has been brought out as a notorious flesh peddler who also sells nudes online.

The 28 year old girl described as a marketing executive does shoddy online business after her usual office job.

In the expose which landed on our busy desk, we have a whatsapp s*x discussion she had with a prospective client.

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Following their intensive discussion and negotiation, she eventually gave a sh 15k price tag before sending crafty pics to the thirsty man.

“You pay you get what you want that’s just it baby my rules,” she responded in one of their conversations before the man got angry and busted her as a con.

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Brenda is a perfect example of ladies who pretend perfect and innocent in offices but behind the scenes do shoddy businesses to live large. Look at this madness-

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